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Mid-American Film Market -
Exhibition Guide


General Information
• Event Name: Mid-American Film Market
• Dates: [October 1-3, 2024"]
• Venue Address: [Insert Address, Fort Smith, AR"]

Setup and Breakdown
• Setup Start Time and Date: [setup, e.g., "8:00 AM on Sept 30, 2024"]
• Breakdown Deadline: ["8:00 PM on October 3, 2024"]
• Setup Instructions: [Any specific booth setup instructions or restrictions]

Venue Map
• [Attach or Provide Link to Detailed Map]
• Key Locations Noted: Include locations of booths, emergency exits, restrooms, etc.

Rules and Regulations
• Display Restrictions: [Detail any restrictions on booth displays or materials allowed]
• Noise Level Restrictions: [Provide guidelines on permissible noise levels]
• Material Use Guidelines: [Insert material use guidelines and our agreed upon policies]

Security Measures
• Security Protocols: [Detail security measures in place at the venue]
• Contact Information for Security: ["For security concerns, please call (310) 407-9457"]
• Lost and Found Location: [Specify the location for lost and found items]

Technology Support
• Wi-Fi Access Details: [Provide information on Wi-Fi access, passwords, etc.]
• On-site Tech Support Contact: [Insert contact information for tech support]
• AV Rental Options: [List available audio/visual equipment for rent]

Contact Information for Assistance
• Logistics Coordinator: [Insert coordinator’s contact,]
• Technology Assistance: [Provide contact for technology-related inquiries]
• General Inquiry: [Provide a general contact for other inquiries]

Sustainability Practices
• Waste Management Policies: [Insert details about recycling and waste management at 
the event]
• Recommended Sustainable Practices: [Suggest ways exhibitors can minimize 
environmental impact]

Health and Safety Guidelines
• Current Health Protocols: [Detail any health and safety protocols, e.g., "Masks required 
• Sanitation Station Locations: [Provide locations of sanitation stations around the venue]

Food and Beverage Services
• List of On-site Dining Options: [Provide a list of available food and beverage services]
• Catering Contact Information: [Provide contact info for on-site catering services]

Networking Opportunities
• Scheduled Networking Events: [Detail any planned networking events, e.g., "Welcome 
Mixer on October 1 at 7 PM"]
• Location of Networking Areas: [Describe where networking areas are located

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